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Product of the month: Card Holder with Strap

With an increase in the number of people heading for minimalism in all aspects of their lives, simpler designs started to replace complex designs for many many products. Similar for wallets, yesterday's old, bulky designs are now being abandoned and people are going for smaller card holders. 


Old world's big wallets do not fit into new world's minimalist pockets and so, cardholders are much better options now.


With similar concerns, we also always aim for minimalist designs in our product range. A wonderful example of this is our Card Holder with Strap, which is one of our most popular products these days. This product is a minimal, one-pocket card wallet with a protective strap to prevent cards from slipping outside the wallet.

Just like the other products we craft, these cardholders are also from premium quality cowhide leather (a byproduct of the food industry) and 100% handmade. We offer them in various leather and stitching colours.

I have also been using this design as my card wallet for over a year now. Here is mine, which is very much stretched as it is cowhide leather, and now I can fit around 10 cards and some folding cash in it. 


If you are also looking for a minimalist design to keep your cards and cash in, you can browse this product from here.

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