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Some of the bespoke and personalised orders we worked on

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to talk about the reasons why everything you buy from us is unique and what we are doing to make sure of it.

One of the most prominent features of handmade leatherwork is the product created as a result is always unique. Two products created as a result of leather craftsmanship can never be the same for two trivial reasons. First, although produced in similar processes, different leathers (even the different parts of the same hide) will have unique texture and appearance. Second, since the process is by hand rather than a machine, the imperfectness will lead to uniqueness. 

So whenever you buy a product created as a result of handmade leatherwork, you own something special and unique, just for you. 

However, we, as Workshop After Six, are eager to even go beyond this and make the product we make for you as special to you as possible (and as special to you as you wish). There are two things we do to make sure of this. 

Firstly, we are more than happy to accept custom orders that go out of our usual collections. If you want a product from our usual collection with alterations, or if you want a completely different product, we can possibly do that for you. A few recent examples are:

brown leather handmade passport cover

This passport cover we made for one of our customers, which is designed to suit her specific requests.

tan leather handmade moleskine journal cover

This Moleskine journal cover specifically made for large Moleskine (13*21) instead of our regular pocket-size (9*14) Moleskine covers.

handmade leather wood carver bib

This leather bib we made for a customer who is a woodcarver. 

If you have such custom design leather items you'd like to have, get in touch with us to talk about the details. 

Secondly, very recently, we have also started to personalise the items we make by hand-stamping your initials/name on your product. Here are a few examples:

handmade tan leather products 

handmade leather journal wallet cable organiser brown handmade personalised leather key chain

If you'd like to get the items you buy from us personalised, you can get more info and buy personalisation from here. However, we have a Father's Day deal for personalisation: you can request FREE personalisation at the checkout if you make an order until 21st June

What do you think about custom and personalised leather items? Let us know in the comments below. 

Have a wonderful summer...


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