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Unique features of an item crafted by Workshop After Six

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about the features of an item that is made by ourselves. My intention is to tell you about the particularities of our work, to tell you how they differ from other leather items out there.

We only use full-grain leather

So, the first thing I'd like to mention is about the characteristics of the leather we use while crafting our items. Although you might have seen phrases such as 'real leather' or 'genuine leather' on various products, they definitely don't have the same quality. There are a number of different grade leathers that are available to be used as raw materials, namely: full-grain, top-grain, split-grain, and bonded leather. I will be writing another blog post about the details of these different grades (so watch this space!), however, the underlying point is full-grain leather is the highest quality grade among all. 

Full-grain leather is the type of leather whose surface hasn't been altered at all. So, no sanding or buffing is applied to it. Because of this, it preserves its natural markings (such as blemishes, branding, and stretch marks). However, this means it is the most strong and durable type of leather since it has not gone through any process (alterations). The natural markings on it are welcomed as unique characteristics rather than defects and the items made by full-grain leather are praised because of being one of a kind.

We use vegetable-tanned leather

The second thing I'd like to mention is again about the leather we use. Animal skins are turned into leather via a process called tanning. And tanning can be done using natural or chemical materials. Chemical tanning is easier for tanneries, however, it is detrimental for the environment. Also, the leathers tanned this way have an artificial look and unnatural colouring. They also do not age beautifully. Contrary to this, vegetable-tanned leather is processed using natural ingredients (such as tree bark) as opposed to chemicals. Hence, leathers produced using this process are not chemical-exposed and environmentally friendly. The colours of these leathers are more natural, warmer and richer and they age more beautifully.

We solely apply handcrafting processes.

The next feature is about the crafting of our items. We choose to solely apply handcrafting processes and use hand-stitching because of which it takes more time to make our items compared to items made with machine-led processes. However, there are two important reasons that make us choose this harder and longer method of making. Firstly, hand-stitched leather items are much superior in strength and durability. Both the type of thread that is suitable for machine-stitching and the way stitches hold together makes the stitching more prone to breaking. The thread used in hand-stitching is thicker and hence stronger. In addition, the way stitches hold together makes it much less possible to break or loosen. Particularly the traditional saddle-stitching we apply provides a very strong and reliable finish and this type of stitching cannot be replicated by machine-stitching. Secondly, hand-stitching arguably provides a more aesthetic look. Although the aesthetic perception differs from person to person, most people find hand-stitching more beautiful because of the natural look and strong character of the stitches.

Everything is made by us, at our Workshop in Edinburgh, with meticulous attention to detail

We pay meticulous attention to detail to offer the products that will best meet your needs and desires, from design stage to after-purchase customer service. At the design process of an item, we try to achieve a unique combination of functionality and style. If the design is for a custom order, we constantly be in touch with the customer to better understand their requirements. Once we are satisfied with the design, we apply a top quality crafting process. We use full-grain vegetable tanned leather to craft all our items and we solely use careful handcrafting process to bring the designs into life. With the help of the quality of the materials we use and handcrafting processes we apply, your item becomes a lifetime companion of style and functionality to you. Our materials make sure the item ages beautifully and our crafting processes provide for strength and durability. Then, we carefully package your item to make sure it is free from the possibility of damage in the post and we use the best available shipping services for your item to reach out to you quick and safely. Once you get your item, we are still available to guide you in terms of how to use and care for your item and for any other questions, concerns or problems you may have.

In addition, all our materials and processes are eco-friendly, sustainable, and plastic-free.


Every item we craft is unique and we can even make it more special to you by hand-stamped personalisation. 

Because of the features of full-grain leather I talked above, and because we are applying hand-crafting processes that will have minor variations (as opposed to standardised machine-led processes), every item we craft is unique and will have its own little characteristics and imperfections. Moreover, if you'd like to have an item that is more personal to you, we can hand-stamp your name, your initials, your favourite phrase or your choice of words anywhere on your item. ou can get more information about personalisation here.

So these are the main features of a Workshop After Six item that differentiate it from other leather items out there.

What do you think about these features? Let us know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day,


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  • Just to inform you that I have recently received my two coin purchases. They are exactly what I have been looking for . Exceptionally well made and are definitely fit for purpose. I will be using one for coinage in this country and the other for foreign travel.

    Peter Graham

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