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handmade full grain and vegetable tanned leather card holder

Double Side Card Holder (5 Slot)

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Our 5-Slot Double Side Card Holders are designed to replace bulky wallets while giving lots of space for cards and to provide comfort and convenience in everyday life. Also, a stylish look won't be sacrificed along the way. They have 4 pockets inside and 1 pocket outside which will allow you to store 10-12 cards (credit cards, IDs, travel cards, etc.) and some folded cash in them. 

We can personalise your item by hand-stamping your name, initials, or favourite words. You can get more information and add personalisation to your order here.


  • made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather
  • made solely by hand-crafting processes (cut, punched, stitched, stamped, and burnished by hand)
  • edges are burnished and polished for a beautiful finish
  • takes 10-12 cards and some folded cash
  • dimensions (when folded): width: 8.2cm, height: 10cm, thickness: 6-7mm
  • carefully made by ourselves in our leather workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland


The reason we prefer full-grain vegetable-tanned leather is to make you an item that will be unique to you, that will age beautifully and develop a character, and that will be used for long years. Full-grain leather is the type of leather whose surface hasn't been altered at all. Because of this, it has natural markings (such as blemishes, branding, and stretch marks). However, this means it is the most strong and durable type of leather since it has not gone through any process (alterations). The natural markings on it are welcomed as unique characteristics rather than defects and the items made by full-grain leather are praised because of being one of a kind. Vegetable-tanned leather is processed using natural ingredients (such as tree bark) as opposed to chemicals. Hence, leathers produced using this process are not chemical-exposed and environmentally friendly. The colours of these leathers are more natural, warmer and richer and they age more beautifully. 


We choose to solely apply handcrafting processes and use hand-stitching because of which it takes more time to make our items compared to items made with machine-led processes. However, there are two important reasons that make us choose this harder and longer method of making. Firstly, hand-stitched leather items are much superior in strength and durability. Both the type of thread that is suitable for machine-stitching and the way stitches hold together makes the stitching more prone to breakings. The thread used in hand-stitching is thicker and hence stronger. In addition, the way stitches hold together makes it much less possible to break or loosen. Secondly, hand-stitching arguably provides a more aesthetic look. Although the aesthetic perception differs from person to person, most people find hand-stitching more beautiful because of the natural look and strong character of the stitches.

Because of the unique characteristics mentioned above (differences in natural tanning and hand-crafting processes), there may be slight variations in each item. This means your item will be unique to you and may slightly differ from the picture.

Note: Double side card holders come with default stitching colour similar to the leather colour. Please indicate in notes, if you prefer a different stitching colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel (from Berlin Germany)
Everything ist fantastic

I am totally happy with my new card holder.

Everything fits, feels, smells, looks fantastic. The quality is stunning. I really love to hold it in my hands and feel the leather.

The colour combination I chose is amazing as well (white stitching).

So everything is great.

David Watson
Supple, slim, sublime.

Thanks Melike and Sinan - it's so great to have a handmade item which oozes quality.

I'm delighted with my new 5 slot wallet. I love the smell, the suppleness and the colour. The external fifth card slot provides easy access to my most used card, and with strategic alignment, I can also use that side for contactless payments, by keeping my other contactless cards on the opposite side.

I've put my four most used cards and some cash in the wallet and it's still very slim and easy to carry. I could easily fit in double the cards but that would defeat the purpose of having such a slim, elegant wallet.

Thanks also for including the gift of a keyring, which I am now using for my car key.

Adrian Oxley
Lovely product and great service

I was very pleased with the wallet when it quickly arrived, I had asked for matching leathers for a coin pouch and the wallet, they are a stunning matching pair. There is something about the smell and touch of these waxy leathers that makes them feel very special. Quality is first class, the card pouch’s are an exact size so the card is tight fitting and will not come out. Small enough in the pocket, so as not to be bulky. There is also something special about getting a made in the UK artisan product. Do not hesitate to buy you will not be disappointed.

Ben Wildman
Fantastic quality and great product

Fast order, when I emailed the team on a Friday night they replied immediately and helped me with my order. The quality of the product was fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone.

Fantastic Quality! I love it!!!

I’m really fussy and nit picky with my wallets and although these looked great in the pics, I wasn’t getting my hopes up as I’ve been disappointed on more than one occasion before.
BUT ..... There was nothing to worry about!
The pics on the site don’t do it justice at all. It’s fantastic quality and I’ll def be back for more very soon!

Oh, so happy to read this review! Thanks very much for your nice words. Looking forward to making more items for you.